7 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India(2021)- Reviews and Comparisons

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India- Most of the time we prepare an article regarding different models of different brands, where the prime focus is on that particular model itself and the brand talk is left out.

From the viewpoint of a rational customer, the first question that arises in our mind is that which brand should we choose? There are so many brands in every segment of the market and all of them vying for a limited pool of customers. Hence, brand name plays a very important role. There is hardly any private business sector left out where there is any monopoly business existing.

To sort out the task of brand selection, we have prepared a list of top-notch brands after a comprehensive study about all of them with detailed understanding. In this way, you can save a lot of your time and effort in analyzing individual brands.

Note* Here the numbering does not represent the rank. We are just listing down them in serial. Each brand has its own pros and cons, which we have discussed below.

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Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India


This is well deserved Brand to be in our “Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India” article.

It has a huge basket of elegant and well- crafted kitchen appliances that are well polished, modish, and are long-lasting.

Hindware always designs its products keeping in mind what is the current and trending needs and demands of the consumers. Due to this, its products are always equipped with the latest innovations and technologies.

Similarly, its kitchen chimneys also come in numerous variants, and you can without any worries bank upon the kitchen chimneys offered by Hindware. They use superior quality material that provides its product the required lasting and durability. It also compliments the modern kitchen aesthetics and adds on to your style statement.

As per the space available in your kitchen, you can choose the perfect chimney from various designs such as island hoods, straight-line hoods, decorative and auto-clean hoods, and many others.

Next, moving onto the technical aspects, it has the motion sensor technology, providing the chimney a visionary edge. They have excellent suction power which helps in purifying the air to maximum possible and keeps the kitchen all day fresh and clean.

In case you have any plans to upgrade your kitchen, you can opt for Hindware chimneys as they have remote control features, with this you can switch on or off your chimney with a single touch of a button.

Some of the other notable features include; 2D suction, Pressure Die-Cast Aluminium housing, energy-saving LED lights, baffle filters, separate oil-collector cup, cassette filter, metal blower, timer, auto-clean function, and powerful motor, extended warranty period and good customer services.

Some of the best models presented by Hindware(#1 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India) are:


Prestige is my Mother’s favorite brand. Why not! This brand provides the best experience to its loyal customer. So, we have kept this Brand in our list of “Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India“.

Prestige kitchen appliances are designed to make life easy while cooking in the kitchen. with the advent of time prestige has made gradual innovations in the cooking product segment.

With kitchen chimneys being a very essential part of the kitchen’s these days, Prestige kitchen hood has been thoughtfully produced and crafted and properly tested so that it can satisfy its customers with its product and service. Prestige has three series to its kitchen chimney range- the innovative series, classic series, and designer series.

The key features of Prestige chimneys are that the classic series of it comes with a conical stainless- steel filter which provides great suction, and separate oil collectors for convenience of use.

The innovative series has unique features such as gesture control that is with a simple movement of the hand. The classic series has high-end looks and standardized performance. The designer series has a powerful suction capacity, baffle filters, and sensor control features too.

So, prestige makes you believe in the fact that technology actually makes life this simple and comfortable.

Some most desirable models are:


The brand has a goodwill worth praises as it has consistently made a significant presence in the Indian kitchens for over more than a period of three decades by providing its users the latest technologies, and helping in easy and luxurious cooking without compromising on comfort.

Sun flame chimneys come with maximum airflow capacity besides the stainless steel and glass finishes. They have electric controls and 2 LED lights that provide the required brightness in the kitchen and is energy efficient.

It has cassette filters with delay auto shut-off functions and feather touch controls which makes them super easy to operate.

Some of the top models are also equipped with remote control functions and duo filter technology. There are 3-speed settings for you to choose from along with the superb aluminum frame.

Thus, this Brand manages to be in our list of “Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India“.

Some of the best models of high price range are:


The brand has a simple belief that the well-being of any family starts from its kitchen itself. So, their focus is always on creating products that are safe-to-use and user-friendly too. So, we can’t keep this brand out of our list of “Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India“.

They usually create a blend of German technology and Italian design to craft their modular kitchen products. The brand offers complete kitchen solutions with all categories of products.

The chimneys of this brand put into use long-lasting and highly efficient electric motors which leave no trace of fumes in your kitchen at any moment. The motors of the chimney are optimized to produce the least possible noise during operation.

It has inculcated numerous features with the advent of time because of which it is always laced with the latest technology. Kutchina offers chimneys that are super easy to use and maintain.

It has the one-touch dry auto-clean technology that cleanses the oil deposits and hence, your manual efforts are saved. The kitchen chimneys are available in multiple layouts, that is side and hood too.

Some of the models are:


Elica India has a variety of kitchen chimneys such as stainless steel, glass, and crystal material too. It is renowned for its spectacular designs.

By adding Elica chimney to your kitchen you breathe in life and elegancy into it. So, we have kept this Brand in our list of “Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

Its noteworthy features are, 3D filters: which have sound filtering pads to operate silently and provides noiseless suction, we even have the EDS3 technology with 360- degree powerful suction. They have even filterless chimney with a touch control panel and are usually wall mounted.

It also has 8-speed touch controls, motion sensors, shut off action, auto clean technology, oil collector cup, and easy maintenance.

It helps in keeping your kitchen free from fouls smell and maintains the freshness. They are designed to fit and mix well into your kitchen space and have a design that can easily fit in cluttered kitchen spaces too.

Its best models are:


Our another Best Kitchen Chimney Brands In India is Faber. The brand makes products that are highly well-built and one of the best that one can make for their kitchen. It reflects your personal standard and style quotient. The house of Faber India offers you the best in technology and excellent in performance kitchen chimneys.

Its uniqueness lies in the series such as the AEROSTATION series, which is the world’s only 3 in 1 chimney serving the purpose of a chimney, a fan, and an air purifier too. Isn’t it simply amazing to have such a beautiful chimney?

The COLLECTION series is the superior quality hood that is imported from Italy. The 3D+hoods chimney has the latest feature of 4-way suction technology. Similarly, it has n number of series of products each with distinct features.

Best mid-range models offered by this brand are:


The brand and its product line are suitable and preferred by people who are interested in a little bit extra-ordinary. It adds to your luxurious kitchen besides cleaning the air too. They possess international designs full of features and highly durable.

The brand is a blend of European styling and German toughness that has the best aesthetic appeal, powerful motor, and adjustable fan speed during cooking food.

The catchy features of it are the touch control panel and remote through which you can easily manage the operations. The auto-clean eliminates the need for paid servicing, its steel baffle filters don’t clog and gives the best filtration.

Since it offers chimneys in three distinct dimensions that are 60, 75, and 90 cm there is the solution for all kitchen space issues.  So, we have kept this Brand in our list of “Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India“.

Its notable models are:


Thus, moving towards the conclusion I would like to draw your attention to the fact that kitchen chimneys are consumer durable products that no one purchases a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Since it requires an investment of proper amount one should very wisely choose the product that shall serve all his purposes.

This article brings to you a detailed brand analysis hoping that you will reap maximum benefits from it.

Thanks for reading!

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