Top 10 best kitchen chimneys in India(2021)- Ultimate Guide

Best kitchen chimneys in India- Cooking food is certainly a talent, but a good cook shall deliver their best only when provided with the appropriate and standard kitchen appliances. A perfect chimney is one such part of the kitchen that is of prime importance. In fact, in today’s scenario, no modular kitchen is complete without an advanced chimney. You may feel like why does any kitchen require a chimney?

Nowadays, modern cooking and recipes have a complex combination of spices and multiple cooking stages, you need to saute the spices, grill meat and fish, all these usually produce a smokey effect, and a particular odor, which results in most of the people coughing and sneezing in the kitchen. The story does not end here, many a time, this bad air gets circulated too fast in the rooms too, irritating everyone.

To eradicate this problem, modern chimney is the ultimate solution. You have multiple brands and multiple models, offering different features, designs, prices, and services. A comparative study of all these points shall make it a lot more convenient for you to buy a chimney. A chimney is the basic and essential need of any kitchen, and it surely isn’t a thing that you shall switch over on a yearly basis. Having a chimney, that shall serve all your kitchen purposes, be fairly priced and does not cause problems later shall be a profitable deal for you as all your worries are gone too.

This article is written with a motive to give a glimpse of the best brands, best models of theirs, parallelly covering all the other aspects also. For better understanding and to extract maximum useful information, you are advised to go through the entire article right till the end.

Note: We highly recommend to first go through Best kitchen chimneys in India- BUYING GUIDE for proper understanding.

Table of Contents

Best kitchen chimneys in India

1. ELICA 90 cm 1200 cubic meter per hour auto clean chimney

Model name- WD HAC TOUCH BF 90, black

Best kitchen chimneys in India

ELICA is a world-famous brand in the segment of kitchen hoods and chimneys that offers an extensive range of kitchen appliances with well crafted and aesthetic designs.

Well designed

This chimney brought to by ELICA is the perfect choice to bring life to your kitchen and enhance its beauty. Not only this, its toughened and durable quality is also an important feature making it a prime choice for any household.

Touch panel

This model eases all your worries regarding the operation with a touch thereby making the chimney an easy one to operate without maximum efforts.

Auto clean technology

Due to this technology, now cleaning your chimney is no more a matter of concern as it is possible with the push of a single button. The technology makes use of heating element to remove the oil particles and get them all collected in the oil collector, which is easy to clean.

Maximum airflow

The ELICA chimney comes with a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meter per hour which is an essential feature. It keeps your kitchen fresh for longer hours. As it requires minimal maintenance and is energy-efficient, it is a good choice for any kitchen.

LED lamps

There are 2 LED lamps present in this chimney, providing you perfect light to cook. You are about to face no difficulties from the lights when cooking.

Baffle filter

The baffle filter present in this chimney makes the oil and other residual elements settle inside the baffle, allowing only the air to move freely.

Hence, thus chimney shall mix well with all kitchen styles and does not occupy much space in your kitchen. Though small and compact in terms of dimensions, performance-wise it shall never disappoint you.


  • Has baffle filters
  • Features heat auto-clean technology
  • LED lamps are also present
  • Touch panel to manage the controls with ease
  • Allows maximum airflow


  • It is not ductless
  • The user manual is not provided

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the warranty period for the product?
Ans. The product comes with 5 years of warranty on the motor and one year of a comprehensive warranty.
Q2. Does it produce noise when in use?
Ans. It produces slightest of noise when in use which can be ignored.
Q3. How is the installation service?
Ans. The installation services are standard and the ducting kit is also provided with it.

2. EURODOMO 90cm auto clean chimney

Model name- HC BK 90, black

Best kitchen chimneys in India

This electric chimney from Eurodomo is a perfect cooking companion for any kitchen person.

Flawless aesthetic appeal

This is a perfect chimney if you are in search of a product that shall help you raise the standards of your kitchen. This amazing chimney from Eurodomo makes sure that you have a smoke-free kitchen while cooking.

Baffle filters

The chimney comes with premium quality, highly durable, stainless steel, baffle filters, that ensures collection of all the oil and smoke particles emitted during the cooking process. The benefit of such filter is that it requires minimal upkeep and once in a while cleaning is enough for uninterrupted functioning.

Auto clean technology

Since it is equipped with auto clean technology, your manual labor is nearly zero. The chimney, itself performs the task of getting rid of the oil particles and collect them in the oil collector which is easy to clean manually.

LED lights

The 2 LED lights make sure that your cooking experience is amazing and you do not feel dullness in your kitchen.

High suction power

This chimney has a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour, which is a superb allowing maximum of smoke and dust particles vanish immediately from your kitchen and enjoy healthy cooking.


  • It has touch control panel along with digital display
  • It has an elegant and standard design
  • Comes with steel baffle filters
  • There is a warranty period of one year on the product and of 5 years on motor


  • Produces noise disturbances
  • Suction power isn’t adequate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How is the finish of the product?
Ans. The product comes in superior black finish with tempered glass.
Q2. How often does it require cleaning?
Ans. For the proper working of the chimney, it is advisable to clean every 6 months.
Q3. Do we get a user manual with the product?
Ans. Yes, a user manual is provided with the product for easy understanding.

3. Hindware 60 cm auto clean chimney

Model name- NEVIO 60, steel/grey

Best kitchen chimneys in India

In the Indian market, Hindware is a promising sanitary ware brand. Its products are crafted with precision and have unique features and innovative designs. The brand promises to offer state-of-the-art appliances to revitalize and life to your kitchen.

This auto clean feature chimney offered to you by Hindware, gives you a smoke-free kitchen.

Thermal auto cleaning

The auto-clean feature provides aide in cleaning the residue and greasy substances and oil particles collected inside the chimney by just a single touch.

Maximum airflow

The chimney has a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meter per hour, because of which your kitchen stays smoke-free, feels fresh and is clean even when you are engrossed into extensive cooking.

Works with baffle filters

It’s stainless steel baffle filters functions smoothly by settling the oil and greasy particles inside the baffle so that only the air movements occur.

The chimney has 2 LED lights that enable you to view your countertops while cooking and is also energy efficient.

Powerful metallic blower

This chimney has a metallic blower for standardized performance. The metallic blower has a great suction capacity, is highly durable and can operate for a longer period of time without breakdown.

Oil collector

Since the product promises to match all the cooking requirements, it has an oil collector cup that helps in keeping the chimney clean.


  • It comes in a premium steel finish
  • You get one year of comprehensive warranty and 5 years on the motor
  • Is equipped with thermal auto clean technology


  • There isn’t any remote control available
  • It creates a bit of noise due to the heavy motor

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does it have a separate oil collector?
Ans. Yes, it does have a separate oil collector, as mentioned above
Q2. What all kinds of stuff does the package includes?
Ans. Other than the chimney itself, you also get 1 cooker hood, 1 user manual, and fixture materials in the package.
Q3. What is the control type?
Ans. The chimney features push-button control.

4. ELICA 60 cm chimney

Model name- ESCG BF 60 NERO, black

Best kitchen chimneys in India

ELICA brings you a wide range of kitchen chimneys that are suitable for all types of kitchens and are of varying price point so that all can afford it. One such product is its 60cm chimney.

One baffle filter

The chimney is structured to reduce your wastage of time and efforts in its cleaning. It has an oil collector that requires cleaning probably only once in a month and there aren’t any additional efforts in the cleaning of the oil collectors.

Push-button control type

The ESCG BF 60 touch Nero chimney has an elegant design that shall add on to the class of your kitchen for sure. It has the very latest push-button control panel which is easy to use and also helps in keeping your kitchen fresh for longer hours.

Maximum airflow

The chimney has a suction capacity of 1100 cubic meter per hour, the chimney provides you immense comfort and keeps your kitchen fresh, since it produces low noise, and is energy efficient.

LED lamps

The chimney has 2 inbuilt LED lamps which consume less power. The lights provide you ease in cooking and does not pose any problem while cooking.


The chimney is user-friendly and is very reasonable at such a price point. It is highly power-efficient, and you need not worry about the high electricity bills.


  • The dimensions of the chimney are such that it does not occupy a lot of space in your kitchen
  • the product promises to deliver standard performance
  • excellent chimney with elegant look and compact design
  • it has good luminescence LED lighting
  • produces very low sound as compared to other models


  • It requires quite frequent cleaning, almost every quarter
  • You may incur high maintenance charges

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the total warranty period of the product?
Ans. You get one year of comprehensive warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor.
Q2. Is the glass portion of the chimney under warranty?
Ans. No, the glass portion is not covered under warranty.
Q3. What type of panel does it feature?
Ans. This product has a push-button type panel.

5. KATTICH slim line glass kitchen chimney

Model name- wall mount stainless steel hood 60 cm

Best kitchen chimneys in India

This chimney is offered to you from the house of KATTICH, that design luxurious products to provide the required richness to your kitchen. The products of the brand are durable and full of features as it is a blend of European styling and German toughness.

Advanced alignment system

The blower remains completely stable and intact even when the speed is at its peak due to the high precision, balancing testing.

Dura-tech motor

This KATTICH slimline chimney is supported by the dura-tech motor which produces a suction capacity of 1250 cubic meter per hour. Since it is made up of copper wiring and ball bearings, its lifespan is almost double as compared to any random ordinary motor.

Dual spot LED’s

The slimline range of chimneys come equipped with dual spot LED’s that does not hurt your eyes in any way instead reflects the natural texture of your food while cooking and also reduces the electricity consumption over traditional bulbs.

Clock display

This feature is something that is missing in most of the chimneys present in the Indian market. Understanding this deficiency, KATTICH has provided inbuilt digital clock in the chimney with backlight. The best part is that it works also when the chimney is off via the touch panel.

2-minute countdown timer

It has a backward 2- minutes countdown timer, which makes sure that the excessive water vapors or irritating odors are properly eliminated from the kitchen space as soon as the cooking is done.

Dual baffle filter

The chimney has a dual baffle filter that is of high- quality stainless steel, and aluminum key type locking. Due to this feature, the chimney has great and increased airflow capacity simultaneously removing the maximum of oil and grease. The best part of this is that it is super easy to clean.


  • The motor is dust and water-resistant
  • There is transparent and removable oil collector, where the oil from motor and blower is accumulated over a period of time
  • It has a remote control function for further comfort of the user
  • You also have fan speed selection feature in this chimney


  • With being one of the latest launches in the market, the buyers are fully satisfied with the product and its long list of features. This eliminates all the possibilities of negative remarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do we have delayed power off option in this chimney?
Ans. Yes, you surely have the option of delayed power off, which shall be of great help to you.
Q2. Is there an LCD display present?
Ans. Yes, the chimney features LCD display panel.
Q3. Does it auto clean?
Ans. No, there isn’t any such separate auto-clean option, rather it has oil collector for that purpose which can be easily removed.

6. Sun flame 90cm auto clean ductless chimney

Model name- CH Rapid 90 DX steel/grey

Best kitchen chimneys in India

This Sun flame chimney is a masterpiece in the market that is completely laced with innovative features and is also a designer chimney.

Baffle filters

It has stainless steel baffle filters that work effectively removing the oil residues and other dust and grease particles within the baffle filters.

LED lights

Almost all of Sun flame chimneys are equipped with the energy-saving LED lights, that keeps your kitchen amazingly bright while cooking eliminating the dull effects form your kitchen space.

Push-button control panel

Its push-button control panel shall provide you with immense comfort as it eases the operation of the chimney by applying minimum efforts from your end.

Enrichened finish

The chimney has remarkable features and powerful performance, in addition to all this its stainless- steel finish adds charm and attractiveness to your kitchen.

Thermal auto-clean

This extraordinary feature is helpful in removing the residue and oil particles from within chimney, and the 4th generation infra-red heating technique cleanses the chimney with a single touch.

180W motor

It has a 180- watt efficient motor, that is also the central feature of the chimney. Since it is uniquely designed, the motor and twin turbine is firmly withheld due to which the fan spins faster.


  • It has a suction capacity of 1100 cubic meter per hour, which is appreciable
  • Its airspeed is approximately 21m/ sec
  • The centrifugal fan structure is unique to this model
  • The motor is powerful enough and spins with a speed of 18,000 rpm


  • You get only 2 years of warranty on the product without any extended warranty on the motor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the product noisy?
Ans. No, Sun flame chimneys have a range of 55dB to 57.5dB whereas if you compare, the range of normal conversation is up to 60Db. This clearly indicates that it is not at all noisy.
Q2. How much warranty do we get on the product?
Ans. There is a warranty period of 2 years on the product
Q3. Do we get additional accessories with it?
Ans. No, there isn’t any such additional components provided by the company.

7. Faber 60cm chimney

Model name- Hood Tratto plus BK LTW 60, black

Best kitchen chimneys in India

Faber introduces to you the one and only 3D hood with T2S2 technology.

Motor capacity

The chimney comes with strong and powerful motor for increased suction capacity. This, in turn, ensures that it is highly durable and produces minimal noise.

Suction capacity

Since the Faber chimney is equipped with a powerful and durable motor, it delivers to you the best of suction power. Simultaneously, it also helps in eliminating the fumes, smoke, grease, heat, odors, and steam from your kitchen environment through the process of air filtration. Basically, it has a suction capacity of 1000 cubic meter per hour.

Reduced noise level

When there is less noise in the kitchen, your mind stays calm and you can cook in a good mood without any such irritating activity.

Baffle filter

The baffle filter present in this chimney, segregates oil, vapor, from smoke and gathers them within the filter, so that the odor can be extracted properly. It is made up of stainless steel, which has lifetime longevity, therefore you do not have to incur any maintenance cost.

LED lighting

The LED lights present in the chimney produces extremely low heat, rather giving high brightness. This also helps low consumption of the voltage.

Push-button control panel

The functioning of the chimney is quite simple and easily accessible. You have separate buttons for light function, the working of which is independent of speed buttons.

Lifetime warranty

The Faber chimney comes with 12 years of warranty on the motor and rotor of the product in addition to I year of comprehensive warranty, which is long enough to eliminate all your worries. So, now you can relax and enjoy cooking.


  • The chimney has around 25% higher suction area as compared to other brands
  • It helps in better reduction of grease and oily particles
  • Due to its advanced technology, there is a considerable decrease in the noise produced
  • The filter is super easy to clean
  • Customer care service of Faber is just excellent and commendable because they believe in serving customers like a king.


  • In spite of various innovative features, it lacks an auto-clean feature.
  • Additional components are not provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What all components are included in the package?
Ans. The package includes- I Faber chimney, warranty card, user manual, and fixture material as well.
Q2. How frequently do we need to clean the filter?
Ans. Since there is a triple-layer filter, you need to clean it every 6 months, so that it functions smoothly.
Q3. Are there color variations in this model?
Ans. No, it comes in an elegant black finish that shall suit your kitchen surroundings.

8. KUTCHINA TIARA auto clean straight chimney

Model name- 60cm 800 cubic meter per hour, stainless steel, push-button

Best kitchen chimneys in India

Kutchina tiara range has successfully maintained its monopolistic presence in the market on the grounds of its striking features and superb aesthetic appeal.

Elegant design

Now, you can grace your kitchen with a chimney that has versatile exterior and highly advanced features, the combination of which shall surely enhance the look of your kitchen.

3rd generation auto-clean feature

This chimney from KUTCHINA Tiara is built to be compatible with auto clean technology, in which you do not have to put in your efforts to clean the chimney. All you need to do is push a button, due to the presence of heat auto clean technology, the greasy and oily particles present in your kitchen gets accumulated together.

Filterless technology

Its filter-less oil gathering technology helps in preventing all sorts of blockades in the suction. The amazingly powerful suction capacity of the chimney ensures that all the oil and unhealthy smoke is extracted out of your kitchen environment and in addition to all these it makes sure that the oil droplets do not drip on your healthy food.

Increased suction capacity

The chimney’s suction capacity is 800 cubic meter per hour, which is standard enough to serve your kitchen requirements. This keeps your kitchen fresh all day long and makes you feel superbly comfortable in your kitchen too.


  • It features 3rd generation innovative auto-clean technology, that reduces your manual efforts to a large extent
  • LED lamps are present that save on power, and adds illumination to your cooking space too
  • The wall-mounted chimney has a feature that it is recyclable, so absolutely eco-friendly
  • There is a smart auto clean indicator also present besides a copper motor, both of which facilitates smooth functioning of the chimney
  • Now you can cook peacefully as the product is simply low on noise


  • The warranty period is only for one year on the overall product which is less when compared to other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What material is it composed of?
Ans. It is composed of mild steel material, that makes it durable and fit for long term use without any worries.
Q2. In what color does the chimney come in?
Ans. The chimney is presented to you in grey color.
Q3. Do we get a free installation kit, and what all does it include?
Ans. Yes, you shall get a free installation kit that includes- hanging clamp, a duct pipe, vane pipe holder, manual, warranty card, and oil collector.

9. Prestige 90cm auto clean chimney

Model name- 900 DB, touch control, steel & black

Best kitchen chimneys in India

Prestige is India’s largest, oldest and most trusted brand of kitchen appliances. With time it has always made necessary advancements due to which today also it’s a market leader. It markets a large basket of products such as pressure cookware that further has many ranges, gas stoves, induction cooktops, mixer grinder, non-stick utensils, kitchen chimneys, and many such other electrical appliances. In the kitchen appliance market segment, Prestige has been a renowned name and a rapidly growing brand.

Excellent design

This chimney from the house of Prestige has been designed with the utmost care, to provide you uninterrupted service. It is such designed that, it shall fit into any kitchen structure with absolute ease. It is useful in extracting maximum of smoke, grease, and oil from the kitchen space.

Healthy air circulation with angular suction

Being distinct from the traditional chimney designs, the intake vent of it is at an angle that allows it to function efficiently giving best results. This way your kitchen is always clean and hygienic.

Auto clean with heating technology

The very useful auto clean technology helps in getting rid of the trapped oil, grease and various dust particles that are present in the kitchen chamber by heating them and collecting them in the oil collector. Due to this, you can maintain your kitchen well, and the auto-clean function also eliminates the need for calling the technician.

High suction power

This chimney has the powerful suction power of 1000 cubic meter per hour, which is helpful in keeping your kitchen free of foul smell and fumes while cooking. The noise level is also reduced in this model for peaceful operation.

Storage platform

The design of this Prestige chimney is really handy as you can store stuff like seasoning pot.

Touch control panel

The best part of this chimney is that it has a unique type of touch panel. There are five feather touch buttons for your convenience of use.


  • It has a stainless steel body that adds elegance and simultaneously is also quite easy to clean
  • It has an illuminated touch panel which is amazing to use even in dim light kitchen
  • The chimney is provided with 2 LED lamps to brighten up your kitchen space
  • The dimensions are modern to fit well in any kitchen design without covering up lots of space
  • This ducted chimney filters the fumes through the chimney and pushes them out from the kitchen via the duct pipe


  • It is a bit highly-priced at this price point when compared to the features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the warranty period for the product?
Ans. you get 2 years warranty on the product and 10 years on the motor which is really good
Q2. What is the control type of the hood?
Ans. There is feather touch control along with illuminated buttons
Q3. What is the width of the chimney?
Ans. the chimney is 90 cm or 3 feet wide. Its dimensions are designed to blend in all sorts of kitchen structures.

10. Hindware 90cm auto clean chimney

Model name- Cleo 90, steel/grey

Best kitchen chimneys in India

Auto clean technology

This Hindware chimney has an auto-clean feature which is pretty helpful in removing oil residues from within the chimney and it is cleaned in a single touch.

Maximum suction capacity

It has 1200 cubic meter per hour of suction capacity so that your kitchen stays free of smoke, all day fresh and well maintained.

Baffle filter

There are 2 stainless steel baffle filters in the chimney which prevents the oil and other particles from accumulating and allows only clean air to circulate in the environment

Power saving LED lamps

This Cleo 90 has 2 LED lamps to facilitate the bright environment for cooking purposes and the plus point here is that it is energy efficient.

One-touch control

Due to the one-touch control, you can easily operate the chimney without any complications.

Metallic blower

The chimney has strong metallic blower with excellent performance and high suction power along with durability and is energy efficient too.

Oil collector

There is a separate oil collector provided in this model to cater to distinct cooking styles. The purpose of the cup is to collect the oily residues so that the cleaning of the chimney gets easier.


  • It is strong and the curved glass adds to its elegance.
  • You get 1 year of comprehensive warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor
  • Better installation services are provided by the brand
  • The packaging of the product is also up to the mark


  • It may seem a bit of noisy.
  • The oil collector cup is composed of plastic material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does it have auto clean technology?
Ans. Yes, this chimney has an auto-clean feature which makes sure that your time and effort is not wasted in cleaning it.
Q2. How often do we need to clean the filter?
Ans. Since it is an auto clean chimney, getting it cleaned twice in a year is apt.


Indian food, on one hand, it is well known and renowned for its aromatic cuisines, spices, multiple tastes and flavors, and different cooking style, no wonder, on the other hand, its preparation includes activities such as deep-frying, grilling, roasting, etc. all of which result in producing smoke, fumes, greasy and oily particles. Traditionally, mothers had only one option that is to sustain in that smoky environment and cough and continue cooking. But today the scenario has changed, the advancement of modern technology has led to the development of modern kitchen chimneys that shall get you rid of such irritating activity.

When a person is provided with a neat and clean kitchen space that is fresh and hygienic, he or she can cook with a peaceful mind without feeling congestion. Kitchen chimneys are appliances that are a one-stop solution to all your kitchen environment-related issues.

Now, the point to be considered here is that in this segment too there are numerous brands that target the same segment of customers. In such a situation any person is bound to be confused as to proceed with which brand?

To your help, we have made an attempt to provide you a detailed insight into the varieties of models of kitchen chimneys and the features offered by them to you. It is obvious that after going through the article right from top to bottom, you will no longer be confused.

There are various factors that a customer needs to consider before making the final purchase decision. Some of the notable points are as follows:

Type of mounting

There are two types of mounting options available for you to choose from.

  1. Wall-mounted- wherein the chimney is fitted with the support of the wall and is mostly suitable for traditional kitchens. The benefit of it is that you will require less of duct pipes.
  2. Ceiling mounted- such chimneys are basically designed for modern kitchens and in this type, the chimney is mounted right at the center of the kitchen.

Technological features

There are some innovative technical features in such chimneys.

1. Auto clean chimneys- here the chimney auto cleans from within because of which much of your efforts are saved and you require only twice of professional cleaning.

2.  Ductless chimneys- if you are having a ducted chimney, it simply vents the air out but in the case of a ductless chimney, there is a blower with a filter which removes all sorts of smoke, dust, oil and grease and vents back clean and filtered air into the kitchen environment.


In today’s modern and competitive market, every moment there is something new and innovative stuff popping up in the market. Similarly, currently, the chimneys are available to you in multiple designs. Let us have a look at them:

1.Curved glass structure

2. Pyramid design

3. Straight glass design

4. Box type

5. Straight line

6. Angular design

Choosing the right chimney burners

Depending upon your family size and structure your kitchen requirements may be different by and large. While selecting the right chimney, your stove plays an essential role. There are different chimneys suitable for each. You may have a 2-4 burner stove, 3-5 burner stove or 4-6 burner stove. It is advisable to select the chimney keeping this point in mind.

Kitchen size

The requirements of a small kitchen, normal kitchen and large kitchen are not the same. They all differ as per their structure, design, space available and many such points. The purpose of a small kitchen can be served by a chimney having a dimension of 60cm, but a normal kitchen size may require up to 90cm chimney whereas a customer with large kitchen space shall opt for 100 or 110 cm.

Cooking process

When you follow cooking style that requires minimum usage of oil, your purpose of a chimney can be easily fulfilled by a chimney of 60 cm having a suction capacity somewhere between 700-800 cubic meter per hour.

In cases when you perform standard cooking or extensive cooking techniques in your kitchen such as deep-frying, grilling, roasting and all, then you need to choose amongst the complex models with more advanced technologies to have the best experience.

Filter type

What kind of filter does your chimney have and it’s the surface area is directly proportional to the quality of filtration done by your chimney.

The different types of filters that you can expect in your chimney are:

  1. Mesh filter- it has layers of aluminum mesh that does the filtering. The problem here is that the mesh gets clogged very soon and usually requires fortnight cleaning. The clogging affects the performance of the chimney. On the other hand, its cleaning process and maintenance is yet easier compared to baffle filters.
  2. Baffle filter- here there are layers too but of steel or aluminum, in an overlapping fashion that affects airflow directions. This is apt for the Indian style of cooking and kitchen. You need to clean them in every 6 months and there are high chances that it may get rusted with use.
  3. Charcoal filter- the primary function of charcoal filters is to eliminate odor from your kitchen. Though it gives the best results, it may seem pinching to your pocket as it needs to be replaced every 3-5 months as it is not washable or reusable.


That’s all you need to keep in mind while making your purchase decision. Following this guide and adhering to all points will never make you feel that you have been cheated on purchase of a certain item. A well- informed customer can easily compare the features, price, performance standards, technology present, brand value many such things of different models. Nowadays, there are many identical products offered by competitive brands so in such a case your information and analysis will help to make a smart choice.

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