Top 10 Best Microwave ovens in India (2021)- Ultimate Guide

Best Microwave ovens in India

Good food!!!! This is a desire for all, in fact, to be more precise, an essential part of a healthy and happy lifestyle for any individual or family. We all love to savor ourselves with delicacies that are finely cooked and it actually makes us feel good and provides satisfaction. In today’s scenario, cooking is a task that is no more gender-based and is performed with great interest from both females as well as males.

With the advent of modern cuisines and advanced technology, we have the microwave ovens, that serve as a helping tool to a person in cooking. Its history and initial usage relate mostly to the Western countries where it has been a must-have kitchen appliance. The trend has gradually gained ground in India as well, wherein people are ready to invest a handsome amount to purchase the best suitable microwave oven as per their requirements.

Note: We highly recommend to first go through the Buyer’s Guide for proper understanding.

Without further delay, let’s list down our Top 10 Best Microwave ovens in India.

Note* 1-10 is not their rank. Its just serial number. All given 10 products are good having specific pros and cons.

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Best Microwave ovens in India

Since the Indian people are not well aware of the specifications, functions, and features of different types and models of microwave ovens offered by different promising brands and may have certain questions and misconceptions at the back of their mind. There are numerous brands vying for a limited pool of customers, hence it is necessary for a customer to be entirely aware of the product.

In this article, all our efforts shall be focused on the task to provide you maximum guidance and information about the top 10 best microwave ovens available in India for you to choose from and simultaneously acquaint you with the functions and increase your overall knowledge about microwave ovens.

Today India has a potential market for microwave ovens and the market size is certainly increasing with every passing day. The topmost manufacturers that serve you in this segment are; IFB, LG, Bajaj, Samsung, Morphy Richards.

All of these models are easily available across various shopping websites.

1. IFB 30L convection microwave oven

Model name- 30SC4, metallic silver

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

Auto cook settings

This convection microwave oven from IFB has auto cook settings that help you to change your cooking settings without the need to cancel them.

Large capacity and different cooking processes

It is perfectly suitable for large families as it has a 30litre capacity and is loaded with standard features. It is automatically set to cook for you in various styles and has stores in 3 processes of cooking.

Great outlook and finish

It has an excellent outlook with a stainless and metallic steel finish. You get to cook delicious meals, blending the divinity of microwave and grill functions.

LED display

You have the LED display wherein you can cut on time consumption by merely inserting the weight of the food put to defrost.

Auto heat function

It also has auto heat function because of which it automatically reheats the food. You can easily fast forward your cooking in this model by simply setting the weight and pressing the buttons.

Child lock for additional safety

Since it is an electrical appliance, it obviously needs to be kept at a safer distance from children. But now you do not need to worry about this since the safety lock feature present in this microwave oven. Thus prevents all sorts of mishappenings. 

Digital display

Easy to comprehend and understand the number display system keeps you alert regarding updates such as cooking time, power, and time taken at distinct stages.

101 standard menus to experiment with

With 101 standard menu options, you have so many culinary experiments to perform in your leisure time and discover new favorite delicacies.

Steam clean feature

It’s steam clean and deodorizing features ensures that the oven remains spick and span despite repetitive use.

#1 Best Microwave ovens in India advantages, disadvantages and FAQ.


  • Made up of stainless steel
  • Has LED display and timer
  • 230 volts of operating value
  • Defrost system is speed
  • Has a capacity of 30L
  • Features touch panel as well
  • Safety lock to relieve your worries


  • Slippery base as there is no grip
  • When switched on, the fan may sound a bit louder and seem irritating to you

Caution* Kindly check the product thoroughly once delivered at your place and opt for replacement/ return if any defect found.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is the warranty period?
Ans. You get a warranty period of 1 year on machine and 3 years of warranty on magnetron and cavity.
Q2. In what color is it available?
Ans. It is available in a silver finish.
Q3. Do we get any cookware accessories with it?
Ans. No, any such accessories are not available with this model.

2. Samsung 23L microwave oven solo

Model name- MS23F301 TAK/TL, black

Best Microwave ovens in India- Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven

Triple distribution system technology

This superb technology ensures that the microwaves are perfectly distributed all over and the food gets evenly cooked.

Power saver mode

You are just a button away, pressing which will, by and large, cut down on the standby power consumption and reduce electricity wastage.

Ceramic enamel cavity

The interior that is composed of ceramic enamel protects the oven from bacterial invasion and keeps it sterile and pure.

Premium and elegant design

Its versatile design shall perfectly fit in any modular kitchen style, and the unique curved handle refines the exterior design of the oven even more.

Dial control

Its instinctual control panel eases the process of setting requires modes, as and when necessary at a fingertip.

Decent capacity

Its 23L capacity is ample enough for a family with 3-4 members.

#2 Best Microwave ovens in India advantages, disadvantages and FAQ.


  • Its control panel and dial are long-lasting
  • Its outer ceramic body allows you to clean it without much efforts
  • Is quite spacious with good dimensions
  • It has heat retention feature which is usually found in expensive models
  • The coating is of good quality so no chance of rusting


  • While the warranty on the product is the same as the other brands the warranty on the magnetron is only for 1 year.
  • Starter kit is not provided by the brand on this microwave ovan.

Note* Warranty details: 1 year on Product and Magnetron. 10 years on Cavity

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a grill facility available?
Ans. No, being a solo microwave oven, it can be used only for reheating, defrosting and cooking purposes.
Q2. How are the basic shortcomings in its features compared to a convection oven?
Ans. Talking about basic features, in a solo microwave oven like this one you do not have the options of grill and baking like those in convection ones.
Q3. Is the user manual provided with it?
Ans. Yes, you do get the user manual as well as the warranty card with your product itself.

3. Bajaj 20L, grill microwave oven

Model name- 2005 ETB, white

Best Microwave ovens in India- Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

This grill microwave oven from Bajaj(Indian Brand) is your ideal cooking companion and a perfect fit for your multiple cuisines and recipes.

Good storage capacity

Having a storage capacity of 20litres, this 2005 microwave oven from Bajaj has sufficient space to warm your maximum food items simultaneously. You will never actually feel the shortage of space. Due to its solid size, it is quite suitable for a nuclear family.

Auto cook feature

This grill microwave oven of Bajaj features 9 inbuilt and pre-determined auto-cook options for you to make a choice from without any commotion. With the assistance of this feature, you can preset the temperature and time limit as your favorite dish requires manually.

Optional defrost

For the defrosting purpose, you are provided with two options that are either to defrost by time or by weight. So, you can defrost your frozen food items as per your need by initially allowing it to get at room temperature.

Easy to operate

Seeing the technical complexities in modern appliances many people may hesitate to give it a try, but that is not the case with this appliance. This oven is user-friendly having a grill feature. The jog dial and its tactile buttons aid you in getting familiar with the settings in no time.

Different power levels

You have the option to choose among 5 distinct power levels to suit your cooking needs. It even permits you to have control over the temperature as per the requirement of the dish.

Child lock

Kids messing with electrical appliances is certainly not a good idea, to avoid any undesired accidents the oven is equipped with a safety lock, wherein you can set a parental lock and be tension free. Cool isn’t it!

Additional features

In this category, we have features such as touch panel, cooking alarm, 60 -minute digital timer monitoring, and grill facility.

Its express cooking feature is really handy for faster reheating, because of which you can immediately start cooking in the oven without the need for presetting the time and power.

#3 Best Microwave ovens in India advantages, disadvantages and FAQ.


  • Comes with smart timer
  • It can be put to use even for grilling besides defrosting and cooking functions
  • 20L of capacity that is decent for a standard-sized family
  • Looks beautiful and elegant


  • Any starter kit is not available
  • Warranty on magnetron and product is only for 1 year(It’s the same in most microwave oven).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we use aluminum utensils for baking purposes?
Ans. No, you won’t be able to bake with aluminum utensils.
Q2. What is the type of body material and color of the oven?
Ans. The body is of metallic material and is in white color.

4. LG 28L convection microwave oven

Model name- MJ2886BWUM, black

Best Microwave ovens in India- LG 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven

LG serves you with its new range of lightwave convection microwave ovens which provides you nutritious and tasty cooking, preserving the natural flavors.

This microwave oven deserves to be in our list of Best Microwave ovens in India

Instant ghee maker

This microwave oven allows you to instantly prepare ghee in approximately 12 minutes. This is for sure a boon for mothers as it is hygienic and is prepared with minimum efforts.

Diet fry

The diet fry feature of the new LG microwave ovens allows you to prepare oil-absorbing dishes with minimal use of oil. So, they are as usual high on taste similar to the traditionally cooked ones and light on health.

Indian roti basket

A unique feature with this product is that you can prepare 12 varied types of alluring and exotic tortillas with the touch of a button.

Pasteurized milk

With the pasteurized milk feature of the LG microwave ovens, you are set free from the traditional milk boiling process. This method also retains the original nutrition of the milk besides making the process convenient than before.

Auto cook menus

With the auto cook feature, you can at any moment serve your guests and families with new recipes and multi cuisines. This is surely going to making them feel good.

#4 Best Microwave ovens in India advantages, disadvantages and FAQ.


  • It has a stainless steel cavity for uniform heating of the food.
  • You can bake, toast, cook, heat, and grill food items with ease.
  • 360- degree motorized rotisserie helps you in preparing tastier barbecue recipes with only a touch of a button.
  • It also features a charcoal lighting heater
  • It also has a child lock feature for the safety and well- being of your family


  • The product comes with only a warranty period of one year

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is its control type?
Ans. It has a tactile button control type which is super easy to operate.
Q2. What is its original capacity?
Ans. It has a standard capacity of 28L, which is ideal for a standard-sized family with 5-7 members.

5. IFB 20L microwave oven solo

Model name- 20PM2S 20L 800 Watts

Best Microwave ovens in India- IFB 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

Instant cooking

With this microwave oven, you can start cooking instantly by just setting the weight and pressing the Express cooking button.


This feature burns food remains on the heater when in cooking, in turn ensuring that the grill is clean and the oven is germ and odor-free. In this way, overall hygiene remains intact.

Weightage method of defrosting

At times you may be confused as to for how long should you defrost a particular food item? To put an end to this obstacle, you simply need to adjust the weight of the food item to be defrosted and the rest task is performed by the very cool IFB microwave.

51 Auto cook menus

For your delight and to spice up your taste buds, there are 51 standard and auto cook menu options. The only thing to be done by you is that just enter the weight of the food item and rest be assured to be served awesome delicacies from the auto cook feature.

Multiple power and temperature levels

There are up to 5 different power levels and 5 distinct temperature settings to suit your cooking item and style. The multi-stage cooking and quick-start feature also make it a desirable product.

Extended warranty

Along with one- year warranty on the product, you get 3 years of warranty on the magnetron and cavity thereby reducing your tension for a prolonged period of time.

#5 Best Microwave ovens in India advantages, disadvantages and FAQ.


  • Sensitive touch keypad for easy use and cleaning purposes
  • The LED display is present with a timer
  • Multi-stage cooking and power-saving appliance
  • Child lock feature for increased safety
  • Economical price with maximum features
  • 3 years warranty on magnetron


  • The brand does not provide a starter kit on this product
  • It cannot be used for baking and grill purposes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What components are included along with the product in the package?
Ans. Other than the product the components included are; 1 C-N-S (1500 ml) medium with lid, 1 idli partition, 1 pride bowl (500ml) big with lid.
Q2. What is its exact storage capacity and is it ideal for a large family?
Ans. Its approximate storage capacity is 20 LITRES and to be more accurate it is perfectly ideal for a bachelor or a nuclear family rather than a large family.
Q3. Does the brand provide a demo?
Ans. Yes, it provides demo and free installation as well.

Check out our full list of Top 10 best convectional microwave ovens in India(2020)- Ultimate Guide

6. Panasonic 23L Grill microwave oven

Model name- NN-GT342MFDG, silver

Best Microwave ovens in India- Panasonic 23 L Grill Microwave Oven

 51 Auto cook menus

With the auto cook menu option, you can be all-time ready to surprise your dear ones with a chef like cuisines. Since there are 51 options available to you to choose from, you can fulfill the demands of all your family members easily.


The microwave comes with a grill feature so that you can also barbecue your favorite food items on it. This feature is exclusive to grill and convection microwave ovens.

Auto programmed time mode

If you have food leftover, do not worry, as you can easily reheat it and it shall taste still fresh. This also reduces the wastage of food, by just reheating your food in a few minutes.

Control panel

In this microwave oven, the control panel is a membrane touch panel, which is convenient to use and is also durable enough without the need to frequently replace it.

Additional warranty period

Panasonic offers you 1 year of warranty on the product and 3 years of extended warranty on the magnetron of the microwave oven. With such prolonged warranty periods, you shall be completely relaxed.

Moderate capacity

This microwave oven has a moderate capacity of 23 liters, which is perfectly suitable for a family with 3-5 members.

#6 Best Microwave ovens in India advantages, disadvantages and FAQ.


  • 3 years of warranty on the magnetron
  • The wire rack is provided for grill purposes
  • Made up of iron material making it durable
  • Comes in versatile design with silver finish


  • Being the latest launch in the market, this product has till now received great ratings and superb reviews with no negative remarks as such.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does it require extra maintenance?
Ans. No, the product does not require additional maintenance efforts as it is user-friendly and super easy to clean.
Q2. Is the capacity appropriate or less?
Ans. No, it may seem to you that 23L is less storage space but it isn’t such as it is ample for a nuclear family with 3-5 members.
Q3. What to do if we face issues with the product after purchase?
Ans. If any such situation arises, the brand provides 3+1 years of warranty on the product and the magnetron respectively, so there isn’t an issue as they provide better customer service too.

7. IFB 25L grill microwave oven

Model name- 25PG3B, black + floral design

Best Microwave ovens in India- IFB 25 L Grill Microwave Oven

Floral design

The new and unique floral design adds an extra binge to the overall aesthetic appeal of the product and also adds on to your kitchen décor.

LCD display

The superfluous LCD display provides assistance in displaying the auto cook menus and quite easy for you to identify the features and operate them

Combination of two modes of cooking

In combination with cooking, you can cook in two different modes simultaneously- microwave and grill mode. With this combination cooking technology, you can set the varying degree of temperatures for microwave and grill functions as your recipe demands you to do and as per your taste.

Standard auto cook menus

Enjoy experimenting among different flavors and cuisines, just by entering the weight of the food item put to cook and enjoy delicious meals. There are 22 auto cook menus in it.

Automatic reheating

You can reheat your food with the help of auto programmed time and temperature, that is just a push of a button away and you are done.

Weighted defrost feature

If you are facing any confusion regarding the time required to defrost a particular food, then put an end to all your worries. For the defrost purpose all that the microwave from Panasonic demands from you is to enter the weight of the food item you want to defrost and it’s done.

Safety lock

The product comes equipped with a child lock feature so that children do not get hurt in curiosity and this also eliminates all your worries regarding the safety of your child.

#7 Best Microwave ovens in India advantages, disadvantages and FAQ.


  • You get one -year comprehensive warranty on the product and 3 years on the magnetron and cavity of the oven
  • Besides cooking, reheating and defrosting purposes, it can be used for grilling too
  • Spacious enough with a storage capacity of 25L
  • Elegant and versatile floral design to enhance and enrich your kitchen décor
  • The product comes with a starter kit as well
  • 5 different power levels


  • The black keys may pose a bit of difficulty for you in identifying them
  • It consumes a bit more space to fit in

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the product come in multiple color variations?
Ans. No, it is available only in black finish.
Q2. The touch panel is of which material?
Ans. The touch panel is of glass material.
Q3. Does it save power?
Ans. Yes, it certainly saves power and is user- friendly.

8. LG 20L microwave oven solo

Model name- MS2043DB, black

Best Microwave ovens in India- LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

This solo microwave oven from LG is an all in one product serving easily all the cooking purposes.

Preset menus

The LG microwave oven comes with autocook menus. In this, you are required to select the dish and press the ‘start’ button to enjoy amazing recipes.

INTELLOWAVE technology

This technology promotes swift and nourishing cooking of your food without losing out the necessary nutrients.

Healthy cooking

With this microwave oven, you can enjoy tasty and nutritious food at your home itself with the help of the controllable heating option

Health-conscious menus

It comes with auto cook menu options that are specially crafted for people who are highly health-conscious. It features around 44 auto cook menus comprising of 28 Indian dishes as well.     

 Child lock

This ensures that there is complete safety of small children in the kitchen and that they do not put themselves into unwanted trouble.

#8 Best Microwave ovens in India advantages, disadvantages and FAQ.


  • 20L of capacity ideal for nuclear families
  • Occupies less space in the kitchen due to its compact design
  • Touch-sensitive keys and control panel
  • Easy to clean with just a swipe of a cloth


  • The product does not come with any starter kit
  • There is only one year of comprehensive warranty on the product
  • Grill function is not available, it being a solo microwave oven

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the actual color of the product?
Ans. The product is delivered to you in black color.
Q2. Is there any noise while functioning of it?
Ans. At times, there is a minimal beeping sound that may irritate you a bit.
Q3. Is there light inside for proper view?
Ans. Yes, there is light inside for a proper and convenient view.

9. Samsung 21L convection microwave oven

Model name- CE73JD-B/XTL, black

Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven

Can be used for baking too

Since this model is a convection microwave oven, it can be used for baking purposes also besides performing the regular ones, that is, reheating, grilling, cooking and defrosting.

Triple distribution system

This technology ensures a wide distribution of the microwaves allowing the food to be evenly cooked.

Quick defrost

Super defrost mode lets the frozen foods defrost in much less time and that too in an even manner.

Keeps the food warm

It’s Keep warm function keeps your dinner absolutely warm meanwhile, you can make other arrangements to give amazing hospitality to your guests.

Exterior glass finish

The main element that adds to the shine of its exterior body is the complete glass finish.

Scratch resistant

It is comparatively more resistant to rust and scratches approximately 7 times more than other brands. So, you can use it without much worries.

Easy cleaning

The microwave oven has an exterior body of ceramic enamel coating which makes cleaning a lot more convenient task.

#9 Best Microwave ovens in India advantages, disadvantages and FAQ.


  • Interior coating prevents bacterial infection and maintains the hygiene standards
  • A multifunctional convection microwave oven that serves all your purposes
  • Does not show discoloration effects
  • The body is of superior quality
  • Product is covered under a long warranty period
  • Does not require lots of efforts in its maintenance
  • Ensures that your food is healthy and full of essential proteins and nutrients


  • The brand does not provide a starter kit
  • At times you may run short of storage space
  • The ceramic cavity lacks proper support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is the warranty period on this product?
Ans. The product is under one year of complete warranty and 4 years of additional warranty on the magnetron.
Q2. Can we bake in this microwave oven?
Ans. Yes, you can easily bake in this microwave oven since it’s a convection microwave oven with multi-features.
Q3. Is it a light-weighted or heavyweight product?
Ans. Its approximate weight is around 15 kg so it is neither heavyweight nor lightweight because there are various other ovens of different brands which have comparatively less weight.

10. Morphy Richards 23L convection microwave oven

Model name- 23MCG, black

Morphy Richards 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

Morphy Richards is a brand that delivers you the best cooking experience with its versatile range of microwave ovens with different capacities. So, you must try the brand and unveil the chef in you by preparing the best dishes.

Comprehensive warranty on the product

Having full faith in its product, the brand provides two years of comprehensive warranty on its product. So, you can confidently use the product without much worries.

Multiple power levels

There are up to 5 different power levels for cooking as per your requirements to make your dish taste good.

Auto cook menus

There are various pre-set recipes of dishes saved and programmed to prevent wastage of your time by performing the settings manually. There are 10 auto cook menus present in it.

Stainless steel interior

The internal cavity of the microwave is crafted of stainless steel which helps in quick and uniform distribution of rays for better heating and cooking.

Combined cooking

There are 3 different modes- convection, grill and microwave for you to combine according to the requirement of the dish and prepare an automated meal.

Child lock

For extra security, the brand has a child lock feature to avoid accidents due to children using the microwave.

#10 Best Microwave ovens in India advantages, disadvantages and FAQ.



  • You can automatically defrost your food and cook as you wish in one go.
  • It complements the beauty of your kitchen with its awesome metal finish.
  • The multi-stage cooking feature allows you to cook your food at different stages.
  • It has a standard capacity of 23L.
  • It is equipped with a touch panel.



  • There is no starter kit provided with the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do we have a warranty on its motor?
Ans. No, any specific extra warranty for the motor is not assured, rather the brand provides a comprehensive warranty on the product.
Q2. What are the additional things provided with the product?
Ans. Besides the product itself, the additional things included are baking plate, wire rack, instruction manual, customer care list and warranty card.
Q3. What is the color of the product?
Ans. The product comes in an elegant black finish.

Buyer’s Guide :

One certainly must be wondering that what is the need for a buying guide for an elementary product such as a microwave oven? The simple answer to this question is that all electrical appliances have so many complex functions and with a slight change in the model the features also vary. There are even many technical glitches in such products as well.

So being a smart customer it’s to your benefit that you should be well aware of the functions, features offered by different brands, the price range of the product, pros and cons of each and many such things so that after making the purchase you don’t feel that you have been fooled.

Not only this, but a buyer’s guide also helps in knowing the utility and about the different types of Best Microwave ovens in India available to you in the market such as the convection, grill, and solo.


The concept of cooking food in the microwave oven is that the microwaves automatically generate heat and the non- conducting materials present in it like the glass part, plastic doesn’t absorb the microwaves.

Next point is that how does a microwave oven differ from a traditional oven?

The basic difference lies in their principle, while a traditional oven is based on the principle of conduction of heat wherein heat escapes, microwave oven uses the radio waves to cook or heat the food. In this, the radio waves penetrate all around and evenly cooks the food. There is no escapement of heat and uniform heating takes place, thereby saving your time and extra efforts.

Categorization of microwave ovens

In broad terms, there are microwave ovens are categorized into two types- conventional and convection mode. The conventional ones are further bifurcated into solo and grill ovens. We shall touch upon each and every aspect for your better understanding as we go further down the guide.

Talking about the solo microwave ovens, they are simply useful for heating purposes and cooking easy recipes, whereas the grill microwave oven is an improved version of the solo one featuring a handful of additional functions.

This guide and article are soulfully restricted to home microwave ovens. There are 4 types of microwave ovens present in the market, namely:

  1. Countertop microwave ovens- going by the name itself they are easily portable and can be placed anywhere for cooking. The functions performed by these ovens are, defrosting food, reheating, making popcorns and identical cooking tasks. It’s just that such ovens shall take a major portion of your kitchen space.
  2. Above- range microwave ovens- this convection oven overcomes the demerit of countertop ones by saving space. They are the most suitable options with compact size, being a newer option in the Indian market.
  3. Microwave oven drawers- it is the latest entrant to the market, that is a yet now to arrive in India. The working and functions of this are very much similar to the previous two. A notable advantage that they have is that they do not occupy space up on your kitchen counters, unlike the countertop ones. Instead, they are installed inside the drawers beneath the counters.
  4. Combination microwave and conventional ovens- being the most luxurious one, it is a dual oven with conventional oven as a part of a convection oven, consisting of two compartments. This one is also yet to arrive in the Indian market.

Different sizes and power levels

Now, we shall discuss the different sizes and power levels of the microwave ovens.

The microwave ovens currently present in the market come in 5 different sizes based on the type of cooking you want to do. For normal households uses the smallest range that has a capacity of 19litres. As and when the family size increases the need also increases and shifts to in the range of 20 to 22litres. Larger options are also available such as 23 to 25litres, 26 to 29litres and above.

The size of the oven you are using has a direct impact on the power consumption, with the larger ovens consuming higher power.

Features of the microwave ovens

Let’s take a glance at the features of the microwave ovens present in India.

The leading producers of the product in India are brands such as IFB, LG, Samsung, Bajaj, Morphy Richards, and Panasonic. All the brands and models present in the article are easily available in the Indian market.

The main features that are essential in any microwave oven are as follows:

  • Auto cook menus

This feature eases your task of trying out new recipes, as you are only required to choose the type and weight of the dish. Further, the oven automatically assumes the time and power requirements and sets them as per the need.

  • Child lock

Since it is an electrical appliance functioning at high heating temperatures it requires extra caution. Children tend to be curious and try fidgeting with it whenever they shall get a moment. Keeping the concern of your dear ones in mind, these microwave ovens come with the child lock feature to protect your kids from any ugly situation.

  • Rotisserie

Those who crave for non-veg food items shall certainly be full of praises for this feature. The Rotisserie is a grille that you can put to use for an easy barbecue of meat, paneer, vegetables, and many such items.

  • Defrosting

This feature is of great help for any kitchen person as it allows you to defreeze your food without long waiting hours. You just need to insert the food’s weight and the rest shall be done by your oven itself. The benefit here is that the taste and flavor of your food remain purely intact and does not show any changes.

  • Timer

There is an automatic timer in the latest microwave ovens that varies according to the nature of food, along with the option to set the timer manually. This feature is really appreciable because while your food is being cooked you are at liberty to finish your other household chores without any worries about the food. Once the set time period is over the oven automatically shuts off.

  • Pre-heat

Some of the bakery items like cakes and buns and pastries are very time consuming and hence the oven requires more time and power. Therefore, it is advisable to pre-heat the oven to a certain fixed temperature before starting the baking process.

  • Touch panel

Usually, the touch panels are of three types, namely- mechanical touch, feather touch, and tactile button.

The solo microwave ovens come with mechanical controls and are quite durable.

The feather touch is just similar to your touch screen phone and is a unique innovation. It senses the touch of your fingers and reacts accordingly.

The tactile touch permits you to manage the controls even when you have soiled fingers, the best part is that there is no damage caused in this process.

Apart from these key features, there are also some supporting features that make each brand distinct from the other. Some of them are:

  • Extended warranty period
  • The starter kit is provided
  • Better customer service


Coming to the conclusion, after going through the entire article and the buyer’s guide you may have gained detailed knowledge about the product. Therefore, when you will be out in the market for the final purchase, you will be having enough information regarding it and can certainly get all your product related doubts cleared on the spot itself.

After this, you are bound not to make the wrong choice and buy the perfect microwave oven that shall best suit all the needs of your family. A good microwave oven will enhance your cooking skills to an entirely new level and be ready to receive loads of praises form your dear ones by serving them the best dishes.

Thanks for reading!

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