Top 7 Best Refrigerator Brand in India (2021) – Review & Comparison

We did a comprehensive study to list down the Best Refrigerator Brand in India and we have come up with the list of Top 7 Best Refrigerator Brand in India (2021). We will be going through each brand one by one.

It is very important to look into the brand of the refrigerator while buying a refrigerator in India. It will help in maintaining the refrigerator for the long term, as we generally buy refrigerator once in 10 years. Customer care support of a brand, quality, and durability of the brand matters a lot while choosing the best refrigerator in India.

Apart from top 7 list we have one bonus brand for you at the end.

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Best Refrigerator Brand in India

1. LG Refrigerators.

LG(South Korean multinational electronics company) has its own brand value in India. It provides a variety of features along with a competitive price. LG brand deserves to be in our list of best refrigerator brand in India.

Be it single or multidoor refrigerators, LG has got all in it’s bag.

They provide amazing features in the refrigerator like a smart inverter compressor which helps in saving electricity by automatically adjusting the cooling power in accordance with the amount of food kept inside the refrigerator. An auto-connect feature that helps in connecting automatically with your inverter during a power cut, ice beam door cooling technology, anti-bacterial gasket, humidity controller. Also, some of the high-end LG refrigerators come with Multi Digital Sensors feature which helps to monitor both internal and external temperature to maintain consistency of temperature inside. The Inverter Linear Compressor feature, Anti-bacterial deodorization, Auto defrost feature, Multi Air Flow Cooling system, etc are some of the additional features provided by this brand.

If we look into the synopsis, then these products will provide you with their best services and it is easy to maintain and are safe at the same time.

The high-end LG model is well known as a smart refrigerator that you can monitor from mobile, which straight away means that you can control your smart LG refrigerator from a distance as well.

SmartThinQ and Smart Diagnosis Apps help to check the performance of the refrigerator and also helps to fix the issue faster by automatically contacting the service center.

List of Top LG Models

2. Bosch refrigerator

Bosch is a German multinational company which is well known for its technology and premium quality. It has energy-efficient models of the refrigerator. This brand provides a large storage capacity in their refrigerators.

The price is also very competitive and reasonable to other brands available in India. The all-around circulation of cold air in the refrigerator and in combination with VitaFresh technology helps in keeping the foods and vegetable farm fresh for a long time.

They also have low noise making refrigerator models. Their refrigerator door handle comes with an anti-fingerprint coating which helps in the smooth appearance of the handle, which will make the model look new even after n number of uses.

Bosch knows the importance of safety and so they have an active warning system that warns during temperature increase. Another important feature includes a natural lift shelf, new air filter, bottle grid, big box, etc. making the services more pursuing.

Bosch Brand offers a massive premium capacity to its customers, which asks for a bit more money from the users as supreme services are hired with more money.

List of Top Bosch Models

3. Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung is a South Korean multinational brand that has gained trust in the Indian market for its quality products. Be it any electronic device, Samsung never fails to fulfill the hopes of thier costumers.

They provide a wide range of variety ranging from single door to multi-door refrigerators.

Their approved refrigerator is widely used for medical storage purposes. Samsung is well known for its customer care support and services.

They offer budget refrigerator along with plenty of space inside the refrigerator.

Samsung model also has Smart Convertible options which help in making freezer a fridge when required, hence it increases the capacity for keeping eatables fresh in the fridge section. You can completely switch off the freezer while keeping the fridge on.

Digital Display is also present in the high-end model of Samsung to change temperature settings or turn on Power Cool to quickly cool items.

Some Samsung models have a feature to store cool air. It is used during a power cut to maintain the temperature inside the refrigerator.

Other feature includes vegetable crisper which helps in keeping vegetable crisper for long, Anti-bacterial gasket, digital Inverter Technology feature which helps to monitor both internal and external temperature to maintain consistency of temperature inside, smart connect inverter feature which helps in connecting automatically with your inverter during a power cut, etc.

List of Top Samsung Models

4. Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool(American multinational manufacturer) is one of the oldest refrigerator brands in India which has never failed to amaze their customers. Whirlpool’s refrigerator requires minimum maintenance in the long run.

It provides a wide range of refrigerators with a variety of comforting services. Their refrigerator models are renowned for consuming less electric power and they provide a spacious freezer section.

Whirlpool high-end refrigerator has 6th sense deep freeze technology and also has fresh flow Flexi-vents with anti-bacterial filters to maintain consistent cooling. It helps in preventing bacteria and bad odor.

They also have an Anti-microbial feature to kill microbes. As a result, it helps in keeping the foods and vegetables fresh for long.

Other feature includes storing of cool air which is used during a power cut to maintain the temperature inside the refrigerator, a vegetable crisper feature which helps in keeping vegetable crisper for long, In-built stabilizer.

List of Top Whirlpool Models

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5. Godrej Refrigerators

Godrej is a well known Indian brand. This brand is the first to introduce the best budget refrigerators in India. This brand has proven its worth in India. The customers are very loyal to Godrej likewise Godrej is also very loyal to their dear customers.

They manufacture refrigerators that are environment-friendly with almost zero emission of ozone-depleting gas. Godrej provides a variety of models in their refrigerator section.

They have included a lot of features in their refrigerators to provide the best service/experience to their loyal customers. Godrej refrigerator also comes with a carbon palladium deodorizer feature which helps in removing odor and destroys ethylene gas present in the refrigerator, thereby keeping vegetables and food fresh for long. 

In addition, other features include anti-bacterial gasket, build-in stabilizer, auto defrost feature, etc.

List of Godrej Top Models

6. Haier Refrigerators

Note*: Haier is a Chinese brand. They provide energy-efficient refrigerator models. They introduced the first bottom mount refrigerators in India. Haier has effective customer care support.

Their refrigerators model has icing technology feature, which can bring down the temperature of freezer up to -5 degree Celsius in just 1 hour.

Other feature includes Smart Convertible options which help in making freezer a fridge when required, anti-fungal gasket along with a door lock system, Dr. Fido app for customer support, humidity control, Digital control system for temperature, etc.

List of Top Haier Models

7.Videocon Refrigerators

This is another great Indian brand like Godrej. Videocon has gained a lot of trust in the Indian market. They provide various options in the refrigerator section from a single door to a multi-door.

Videocon refrigerator models have improved their refrigerator look also. The elegant look including a wide range of color options attracts the customers.

In-built inverter technology is used to smartly reduce electricity consumption by the refrigerator. Videocon has included various new technology in their models like digital temperature control to manage temperature accurately inside the refrigerator.

Air filters are present inside the refrigerator to remove all kinds of bad odors. In addition, the Videocon Refrigerator is reputed for a good energy star rating.

Bonus Refrigerator Brand


Hitachi is a Japanese brand that is famous for its premium quality and technology. Recently they are trying to improve their refrigerator segment market share in India. Hitachi refrigerators are energy efficient with an elegant scientific design.

Their refrigerator models prevent the loss of vital vitamins and amino acids from food which in turn helps in retaining the original taste as well as the nutritional value of food.

Some of the important key features include touchscreen control, LED lighting, all-around cooling with the help of dual-fan air jet flow, a Convertible compartment, eco-friendly refrigerant, Hybrid Freezing technology(helps to prevent flavor of frozen food by keeping crystals of ice at optimum level), huge storage capacity, etc.

List of Top Hitachi Models

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So, we have discussed the best Refrigerator brand in India in our article so far. If you have any queries/doubts regarding the above article, kindly drop your comments below. We will be happy to help you out.

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