In today’s era, most people are shifting their eating options from white bread to brown bread in the hope of having a good healthy life. This is applied to most of the whites and browns in the food market, for instance, people are considering brown rice over white rice, brown eggs over white eggs, choosing brown sugar over the white ones. 

To find out which Bread is healthier, you should look after the following factors:


White bread:

This bread has few nutritional qualities that are needed to have good health, fiber is less whereas calcium is higher than the brown ones.

While preparing white bread many chemicals are added to it to give it a fluffy and good taste; chemicals including benzoyl peroxide, potassium bromate, chlorine dioxide are added to the flour for bleaching purposes to make it white in color. These chemicals are really not good for health when consumed for a longer period of time.

Additionally, white bread also has high fructose corn syrup and sugars in it. It contains 77calories when you eat one slice of white bread.

Brown Bread:

Brown bread is obviously more nutritious than white ones, as it is made up of whole wheat and contains vitamin B-6, manganese, zinc, copper, folic acid, and vitamin E. This bread is considered a healthy option to have in your daily eating routine.

It contains 75 calories when you have one slice of brown bread, which is comparatively better than white bread. Apart from these, the glycemic index is also low when compared with the white ones.


Considering the nutritional value and calorie contains we can say that brown bread is healthier to eat, it has bran and germ of wheat which provides fiber and proteins and vitamins to our body.

 Apart from these, the phytonutrients present in this bread can also help to protect you from heart disease and breast cancer,  but there are some points to consider when you are opting for brown bread because many marketers can fool you by just giving you colored browns bread and not the real one.

The fact is real, most brown bread that you see in the markets is not real and is just colored in brown color by the manufacturers. They also sometimes sprinkle some seeds on top of that to make it look real and healthier to you, so you need to be alert while buying it.


To have real brown bread you should always go thoroughly at the ingredients mentioned in it. Always choose the bread which contains ‘whole wheat’ in the ingredients list, as we all know whole wheat is a great source of fiber which is very good for our body. 

You can check the word ‘caramel’ in the list, if it is there then there is a high chance that the manufacturer has used it to color the bread brown, so don’t buy this one as it is not a real brown bread and also not good for health.


We can surely say that the winner of the battle is Brown bread. It is always advisable to have a good healthy life, you should switch your bad eating habits to healthy ones by adding some browns to it. So go for brown bread if you have access to it, it is the best option to have while considering your health.